Here you will find completely free video materials, enclosed in a logical series, from which you will learn in simple words about everything you should know about starting your adventure with sport, fitness, caring for appearance or health.  
Understand the gym

In this series, you’ll learn about all the aspects of strength training that you MUST know, so you don’t waste time, money and health in the gym.   The whole series is closed in 60 minutes (!) of materials.   Just 60 minutes to understand how it all works.

Resistance machines

This series is about training on so-called resistance machines especially Technogym company and is intended mainly for beginners who take their first steps in the gym.

Base exercises

Here you will find all the most important exercises with free weights. So the basis for effective strength and body training. If you take fitness seriously, you MUST know it.

Home training

The series was created in response to the introduction of quarantine in Poland caused by the Covid-19 virus. Here I present workouts to do at home without using of specialized equipment.



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