cooperation through online channels

even without personal meetings, I can create a training and nutrition plan for you and correct your technique

Online consultations rely on full training and nutrition guidance through online channels. At the first consultation, we will try to set real goals for you regarding your figure and close them in some anticipated, real time frame.

During the first consultation you will learn about my preferred training and nutrition methods. It is about lay all our cards on the table so that your decision about undertaking a long cooperation with me is 100% aware. It is not art to sell something to someone. I want you to really achieve your goals.

Before the first consultation, prepare answers to the following questions:

In terms of training:

    • What goal do you want to achieve? If you are interested in a visual goal, it would be ideal if you had your current body picture and a picture of the silhouette that you would like to achieve. This will allow us to set real goals and their time frame.
    • What is your training internship, including any physical activity? And what is your daily physical load (daily activities, work, etc.)
    • Contusions, injuries, contraindications, recommendations, e.g. from a doctor or physiotherapist.
    • Of course, I don’t have to mention basic information such as age, weight and height.

In terms of nutrition:

    • What does your diet look like right now?
    • Do you know how many calories you eat per day? Have you ever counted calories?
    • Intolerances and food allergies

The next consultation is checking the results and introducing modifications (if needed for some reason) in the current diet or training plan. Of course, during the consultation you can ask absolutely any questions – this is your time for which you pay, so use it as efficiently as possible.


Setting real goals for you Ustalenie ram czasowych dla osiągnięcia tych celów Presentation of preferred training and nutrition methods Questions and answers on all topics bothering you
The price of the guide includes the first long consultation after which I will determine your training and nutrition plan.
In addition, during the cooperation, I provide weekly short consultations to monitor progress and resolve any problems.

1 MONTH PLN 150 Contact via email or fb
Monitoring of results Making modifications to the nutrition and training plan Questions and answers on all topics bothering you
6 MONTHS PLN 500 (You save 350 zł) Contact via email or fb.
Monitoring of results Making modifications to the nutrition and training plan Questions and answers on all topics bothering you


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