Very trendy in the last years a type of training using “everything is available” to get tired. This training beside clear diversity is a very good tool to move muscles that do not work to much on classic strength training, especially trainings based on machines. Special attention deserves the so-called deep, stabilizing muscles. So those muscles that may not be visible and do not affect our aesthetics of the body, but it affect the proper posture and proper functioning of the muscular system. By deciding a functional training, you will choose your work with: kettlebells, trx type suspended systems, expanders and power bands, bulgarian bags and sandbags, medicine balls, bosu, ropes, gymnastic wheels, plyometric boxes, tires and training hammers, jumping rope , etc … And a entire mass of calisthenics exercise.


Training at the gym is the basis for training many other sports. No activity will replace this type of training and will not give you such effects whit shaping the figure as this type of activity. If you are thinking about slimming, you should be interested in this physical activity. Strength training can make your body feel firm while reducing body fat. Aerobic training will never give you a figure like a gym. Simple example: aerobic training will bring you closer to the marathon runner aestetic, and training in the gym makes you look like a sprinter. Which type of figure do you prefer?
Training plan PLN 100
Nutrition plan PLN 100


Martial arts and self-defense as a variation of cardio training? Why not. As a achievement of practical and actual skills to defend? Of course. Meybe you wanted once but the hours of classes didn’t suit your shedule, you didn’t want to train in group … Now you have the chance to make it up for individual classes. Box, kickboxing, thai box, self-defense, krav maga. Recreational, for fun or more seriously. It up to you.


Losing unnecessary body fat is a planned, predictable and feasible process – all you have to do is stick to certain rules. These rules apply to proper training, proper nutrition, and proper everyday habits. To burn unnecessary fat, you can use any of the above types of training: gym, functional training, cardio training or martial arts. However, remember that despite the fact that the weight loss process is simple in assumptions, without a proper plan, motivation, support and knowledge usually ends quickly and with a poor result. Therefore, contact me so that we can jointly develop a realistic action plan tailored to your needs and capabilities.


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