pawel makarewicz

born 20.12.1981 in Lublin.

As long as remember I was interested in martial arts, bodybuilding and generally speaking high physical fitness. To put it simply … I wanted to be a fit, well-built, good fighting guy 🙂 Before I started training martial arts at the age of 13, I used eastern martial arts movies as instructional films – Bruce Lee, Van Damme, Billy Blanks – they were bloke! In 2005 I took up martial arts seriously. It started with Krav Maga, then came kickboxing, box, muay-thai, mma.

In 2007 I started working as a Krav Maga instructor and a year later as a kickboxing instructor. Since then, I have been conducting classes in all age groups in the Krav Maga sections, as well as kickboxing, as well as personal training in the field of combatand self-defense.

Extensive experience in the field of sport gave me a solid basis for my next activity, which I have been doing quite intensively for some time. It is about training in the field of natural bodybuilding and fitness as well as functional training. Over the past years I have absorbed tons of knowledge about bodybuilding, natural bodybuilding and fitness. And I chose the direction of my development and services offered to my clients – natural bodybuilding and fitness. I cut myself off from professional bodybuilding with a thick line. My ideal is an athletic, healthy, physically fit person with above average muscles and low body fat.

My priorities

1. Health! 2. Generally understood physical fitness 3. and finally the appearance (which is a de facto side effect of the first two) If you share my views, you want to be fit naturally, enjoy health, well-being and a cool look, I invite you to cooperation. mój podpis mały


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